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We’re turning the page on book publishing. We offer a new and better deal to authors who are experts — those who’ve dedicated decades to a field or focus, always on a relentless quest for improving our world, deeply respected by peers, and whose insights and life experience AI software cannot possibly imagine.

Our 2024 expert authors includes a sleep-science entrepreneur, a glass-ceiling busting feminist pioneer, and a highly decorated US Army veteran and business leader.

We are a new co-publishing imprint reserved for proven experts willing to share publishing costs in a manner that is entrepreneurial and commercially sensible. Too many expert-authored stories today go untold. Big Tech algorithms decide what books sell and which authors we’re supposed to read. Big Tech is making money off the backs of creators and publishers.

We are on a mission to change that.

Meet our Expert Authors

Sheelagh Whittaker

I love to laugh, especially at myself. After a career embracing three continents and six children, I am happy to witness changes to women’s roles in western society.


Writing fulfills my desire to contribute to an informed public discussion on income tax policy issues. I want to help others succeed in contributing to that discussion.


Writing is an exploration in self-awareness I used over a 33-year career, twice as CEO. My life’s goal is to benefit others by sharing my leadership and life’s lessons through literature.

Vijaya Kumar Murty

I hope for my writing to inspire readers to look inside themselves to unlock their extraordinary potential, fostering leadership and success in their respective fields.

Col. Jonny Gonzalez (Ret.)

As a highly decorated retired leader with 27 years of service in the U.S. Army, I bring extensive expertise in psychological warfare, information warfare, and battlefield operations. My military background and experience as a serial entrepreneur – selling multi-million dollar contracts in sectors as diverse as artificial intelligence, home construction, and wellness – inspires me to educate leaders about effective strategies to sell their product and vision, and how to detect and confront lies and deception in business.


I’m a psychiatrist, medical researcher, and entrepreneur with a passion for uncovering innovative ways to treat challenging health conditions. Writing a book fulfills my passion for translating complex medical science into easy-to-understand language about how and why certain chemical formulations and natural foods can help rewire the brain and greatly reduce the risk of dementia, psychosis, and other debilitating conditions.


I’m Vivian Bercovici, a former Canadian Ambassador to Israel who made the leap from being a Toronto lawyer to embracing the life and beauty of Tel Aviv. You’ll often find me juggling my roles as the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of State of Tel Aviv, doing what political junkies do, indulging in my love for outdoor sports, trying my hand at whipping up some delicious dishes, dreaming of making it big in fabric design and becoming a sommelier.


I see writing as a way to connect with others to share experiences and ideas in a manner that enlightens, excites and perhaps promotes healthy change. As such, it’s an extension of my career as a doctor and educator, moving from the personal and intimate to a more public and accessible space.

Neil Seeman


Writing satisfies my need to know myself, and to be touched by the everlasting hope of this world.


I enjoy working with early-stage founders, helping them with strategies, tools, and tactics to survive and succeed.

Our Expert Authors get:


Our unique co-publishing model offers incentives for meaningful win-win success and lasting impact.


We offer special services such as bespoke research and marketing for your book’s target audiences.


Use our established ecosystem to get your book in front of readers who care about expert insights.

Our Approach

& Values

Amplify your story for the communities you care about most, and for a general audience of book lovers.

At Sutherland House Experts, we embrace a co-publishing model where both the author and publisher invest in joint commercial success. Authors receive a generous profit share, much higher than royalties offered by traditional book publishers. If we hit certain milestones together, an author’s co-investment goes down. We seek expert writers who are entrepreneurial, who inspire others, and who love books.

With time, we seek to re-invest a portion of our profits to support expert authors who need financial assistance to work with us. We aim to secure sponsorships for our expert authors whose stories align with our mission but may not fit the criteria of large publishers or academic presses. By partnering with generous sponsors, we can provide an even greater platform for these important voices to be heard.


At Sutherland House Experts, we believe in the power of books,
and want to amplify the voices of true experts.

Meet the Co-founders

We are people who like to surround ourselves with passionate, curious and creative minds.
We believe that life stories and insights crafted by entrepreneurially-minded experts can spark innovation, self-reflection and debate.

Kenneth Whyte is co-founder of Sutherland House Experts, and President of Sutherland House Books, which he founded in 2017. He was editor-in-chief of Saturday Night Magazine, founding editor of The National Post, editor and publisher of Maclean’s, president of Rogers Publishing, and founding president of Next Issue Canada.

He is the author of many acclaimed international works, including The Sack of Detroit: General Motors and the End of American Enterprise and The Uncrowned King: The Sensational Rise of William Randolph Hearst.

Neil Seeman is co-founder and CEO of Sutherland House Experts, an Internet and social impact entrepreneur, author, educator, lawyer, philanthropist, and public health researcher. He is a Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor in the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto, The Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Massey College, the Health Informatics, Visualization and Equity Lab, and the Investigative Journalism Bureau.

Neil is the co-author of several books on mental health, including XXL: Obesity and the Limits of Shame (University of Toronto Press). He is the author, most recently, of Accelerated Minds: Unlocking the Fascinating, Inspiring, and Often Destructive Impulses that Drive the Entrepreneurial Brain (Sutherland House).

Ken and Neil first worked together during the launch of The National Post, in 1998; Ken served as founding editor-in-chief and Neil was a founding member of the newspaper’s editorial board.

Sutherland House Experts enjoys an independent editorial advisory board to provide insights and advice to the CEO. Members of the SH Experts advisory board are interdisciplinarian polymaths, and include: mathematician and numbers theorist V. Kumar Murty, global health leader James (Jim) Lavery, machine learning expert Zahra Shakeri, policy scholar and bioethicist Eric M. Meslin, military historian Eric McGeer, and systems thinking pioneer Diane T. Finegood.

Sutherland House Experts and Sutherland House Books are affiliated yet separately incorporated entities.


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